Pilates for Runners

The repetitive nature of running can result in areas of tight, overused muscles leaving the body vulnerable to injury if not consistently addressed. Unfortunately, runners are not strangers to injury with the most common running injuries being plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, runner’s knee, iliotibial band syndrome and hip pain.

An injury can have more than one cause, but a common thread among many affected runners is the presence of muscle imbalances and poor core stability. Runners often state that they “like to run”, but participate in few other activities that help balance the effects of running (including those important post-run stretches). Imbalance in the body prevents optimal running form, which decreases efficiency and increases the likelihood of injury.

Woman performing a pilates stretchAdding some simple Pilates exercises on a regular basis can help create more symmetry in the body and achieve balance between mobility and stability. The basic Pilates principles are centering, concentration, flow, breath, control and precision. These concepts are applied to various movements and exercises to improve posture, spinal alignment, core stability and flexibility.

Pilates has long been used for the rehabilitation and prevention of injury and to maximize athletic performance. It’s commonly done on a mat with the addition of equipment to further challenge or support the individual.

An experienced instructor will select exercises based on the individual’s history, alignment, movement patterns and goals to maximize results. Runners often have tight hips, poor core stability and weak gluteal muscles so Pilates exercises like hip release, leg pull front and the side lying leg series can be effective in targeting those areas.

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