Pilates for Back Pain

Pilates is a popular form of exercise used to improve posture and core stability, and often recommended to those suffering from back pain, or recovering from childbirth or surgery.

While a general Pilates class might be appropriate for a healthy individual, someone with pain or injury should be assessed before joining a class so they know which movements are appropriate and which may exacerbate their issue. Physio-Pilates (also called Clinical Pilates) combines traditional Pilates concepts: breathing, core activation, control, coordination, and concentration, with the latest research on spinal stabilization, making it more appropriate for individuals with pain or injury. It’s also taught by physiotherapists that are trained in Pilates.

ProReformer7787-MASTERFirst, individuals have a physiotherapy assessment to review their health and injury history and to fully assess their current injury and level of function. Before joining a class, the physiotherapist will discuss which exercises are safe for the individual and will prescribe a home program.

Physio-Pilates can benefit back pain by helping to identify and correct muscle imbalances, and improve posture and lumbo-pelvic stability. A lot of attention is given to achieving a neutral spine, improving the individual’s body awareness and practicing optimal movement patterns. For clients with back pain, private sessions of clinical Pilates are essential to compliment the work done in class.

Physio-Pilates (both private sessions and group classes) is offered by Revive Physiotherapy and Pilates. Check the current class schedule here. For more information or to register email .

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